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    Log Max 4000T
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Log Max 4000T True-Cut on Eco Log 580D


The game changer!

The game changer!

The Log Max 4000T is the second addition to the Log Max T-Series after the 3000T released earlier this year, a head many have been longing for. This head has an entirely new frame construction where the saw box has been moved backwards and outwards, the higher part of the frame inched forward reducing friction and clogging in the measuring wheel. The new hydraulics layout greatly improves power and feeding speed making this 833 kg* harvesting head the ultimate choice for thinning and lighter final cuts.

This powerful thinning head comes equipped with the first-generation Log Max 218 and 318 True-Cut saw units with up to 58 cm of cut capacity, the Log Max 4000T, will certainly prove to stand above the competition.

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New frame geometry

New frame geometry

The new frame geometry improves length and diameter measuring and control over the sawing cycle, the upper part of the frame has been brought forward to prevent bark from clogging in the measuring wheel housing.

The saw box geometry for positioning of the saw and cylinder reduces the travel length of the saw bar for a faster sawing cycle and performs a continuous and accurate cut in less time.

The 4000T benefits from many small improvements such as:
  • A replaceable wear plate on the higher part of the frame
  • New saw bar cylinder where the fixture has been moved back for a longer radius of action also giving better control over the sawing cycle
  • Damped adjustable mechanical saw stop when saw returns to home position
  • Bolted protection plate in the saw box improving accessibility to the hoses (saw cylinder, colour marking, find end sensor)
Updated hydraulics

Updated hydraulics

The 4000T features double feeding sections and a new hose layout eliminating banjo couplings.

By removing the banjo fittings the pressure drop is reduced making for a more efficient feeding unit. As standard the head is equipped with two 398 cc hydraulic feed motors which delivers 20,3 kN of torque and 5,0 m/s feeding speed. All hydraulic connections are now of ORFS type.


Highlights of the new Log Max 4000T at a glance

  • 833 kg including rotator, feed rollers and damped protection plate.
  • Saw True-Cut 318 and 218 (19 cc intelligent motor) or 218 / 318 (19 cc), 318 (30cc) (with/without automatic chain tensioning).
  • 58 cm cut capacity with 67 cm saw bar
  • Optimized saw box geometry and saw unit position that minimize the risk for splitting the log when cutting and reducing cutting time
  • New hose layout eliminating banjo couplings
  • 398 cc feed roller motors with over 2 tons of pulling force
  • increased feed speed to 5,0 m/s