A powerful and capable small head

This head is suitable for you who want a light, flexible and fast head on the small carrier. Log Max 928A fits smaller carriers and with its 412 kg is the lightest in its class on the market.

Small but mighty

Compact and efficient, adapted for small forest machines that require no strip roads.


Efficient and durable despite its size. Able to cut trees up to 42 cm in diameter.

Lightest in its class

The lightest head in its class with its 412 kg. Fits small forest machines or tractors.


412 KG

Highest productivity

6 - 28 CM

Between feed rollers

1.2 - 33 CM

Max cutting diameter

42 CM

Assets diameter

26.7 CM

What do customers say?

Kent Larsson - Sweden

- For you who want to be able to thin mechanically on sensitive ground or when the end customers want the thinning to be track-free and efficient.

Daniel Tunfors - Sweden

- Pick up volumes you would not otherwise reach. Given the lightweight, the head can sit on a small carrier reducing track pressure and access in more places. With flexibility and accessibility, it becomes easier to make a selective thinning and leave trees with the best growth potential standing.

Lars Mattson - Sweden

- Accessibility and bearing capacity are decisive factors in felling, the right machine in the right area. Log Max 928A makes it possible for us to thin forest we otherwise would not have been able to thin, it gives good economy!

Mats Claesson - Sweden

- I drive both first and second thinnings with my 928A, it works really well. The head can handle all thinning, even though many do not think so. It is very reliable and I think that Log Max is willing to listen to what I, as a customer have to say regarding future developments.


Minimal traces

The head weighing only 412 kg can be mounted on small, narrow and light carriers.

We are seeing an increasing trend for small machines that leave minimal traces behind, both among landowners and contractors. On these carriers, Log Max 928A becomes an excellent head that allows you to both smoothly and efficiently thin forest that you would not otherwise have access to.

Slim saw

Log Max 928A has its own saw that has few components and is specially adapted to sit on this light head. The saw motor is 10cc and the bar has a maximum cutting diameter of 42 cm.


Indexator GV3

The rotator has low weight and high performance.

- 30 kN lifting capacity
- Light and compact
- High rotation torque
- Several design alternatives

Indexator GV4

The rotator has low weight and high performance.

- 45 kN lifting capacity
- Alternative designs for the different link and swing damper solutions.

Field repair kit

A spare parts kit with the most vital components to minimize downtime. Contains sensors, cylinders etc. The kit varies (content and price) depending on the head model and equipment.

Please contact us for more information.

Fixed bottom plate

Used instead of the damped bottom plate. An advantage when minimal stump height is needed.

Dust & Snow cover

This rubber cover is mounted between the felling link and the rear of the frame. This prevents snow and debris from packing that could damage the protective cover.

Hose Kit

Kit with replacement hose.

Ask your local dealer for more information.

Stump treatment

Prepares the head for stump treatment. Requires a separate pump on the carrier.

Rotator control

To reduce weight and cost, it is possible to choose the rotator control option, which means that the rotator is controlled from the head instead of from the carrier.

The advantages are that it frees weight on the carrier by eliminating between 20-30 m of hose and also reduces costs. If the option is chosen, an extra valve is mounted to the head.


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