XXI Century Logger


Log Max 6000B - Wins the contest!

Log Max LTD Russia team took part in the third championship of Russia "Logger of the XXI century" among the operators of logging equipment. The championship was held in 9-12 of August 2017 in the Ustyansky district of the Arkhangelsk region, Russia.

42 teams from twelve different forest regions of Russia and one women's team from Belgium took part in the competition. The official organizers of the event are The Arkhangelsk region government was the official organizer of the event.
Operators of the leader forestry carriers competed in four individual nominations (depending on the type of machine) "Harvester", "Forwarder", "Cut to length crane", "Loader", as well as in the team classification. Winners in the first three (main) nominations received new cars as prizes.

Log Max LTD, John Deere, Ponsse, Volvo, Komatsu, KAMAZ, Scania, Man, Epsilon, Kesla, Palfinger and Lifting Machines had provided equipment for this event.
In particular, these were wheeled carrier harvesters John Deere 1270G, Ponsse Ergo 8W, Komatsu 931 6WD;
excavator carrier: Volvo EC210BF with Log Max 6000B, John Deere E260LC, Caterpillar 320D FM, Komatsu PC200. Forwarder operators had to make a choice between John Deere 1510G, Ponsse Buffalo 8W, Komatsu 875 8 WD and Rottne F15, from loaders: Volvo L180H, John Deere and Caterpillar.

The last nomination was among the competitors cut to length cranes like Velmash VM10L74" on the "KAMAZ"carrier, Epsilon M100L97 on the Scania G480 and Kesla on the of MAN TGS 33.480.

The order of the participants' performances depended by the draw.
Also there are two main points for final score for each participant in every exercise: speed and accuracy. All operators had been medicine examined before the competition.

Four exercise were prepared for Harvester operator

1. Speed changing the saw chain on a head
2. Felling the log on the gate with a width of 4 meters, you need to get into the middle of the gate
3. Speed feeding the log
4. Bucking logs into 10 pcs for 50 cm each one on best speed


Konstantin Zakhov won a first place as operator of Volvo with Log Max 6000 head in excavator carrier category on Logger of the XXI century". He represented «Titan group» - one of the largest forestry company in Russia. Next machines were able to use for any operator on harvester competition: John Deere 1270J wheeled harvester, Ponsse Ergo wheeled harvester, Volvo excavator with the Log Max 6000B harvester and the Komatsu 931 wheeled harvester.
Important to note that the winner of the key event nomination - best harvester operator - Konstantin Zakhov chose Volvo caterpillar harvester with the Log Max 6000B harvester head but not one wheeled carrier harvester that is behind the scenes more maneuverable. The Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoi personally congratulated Konstantin Zakhov on his victory at the stand of LogMax Russia.
Next company representatives had chose Volvo caterpillar machine in addition to Konstantin Zakhov: Makartsevo-Les LLC, Shestiozerye-Les LLC, UstyaLes LLC, Ust-Pokshengsky LPH LLC, Titan Group of Companies, Sevlespil LLC , LLC "SogugaLes", LLC "Ustyanskaya Lesopereobrabatyvayushchaya kompaniya". All Volvo with Log Max operators were awarded memorable prizes and souvenirs.

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XXI Century Logger

  Log Max 6000B - Wins the contest! Log Max LTD Russia team took part in the third championship of Russia "Logger of the XXI century" among the operators of logging equipment. The championship was held in 9-12 [ ... ]

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