A reliable head

Handles demanding conditions

Best multi-stemming on the market

Optimised stem holding

Proprietary control system


Here you can learn more about how the heads are built and work, as well as the advantages a Log Max head offers you as a customer. You can also learn why our customers have chosen to use our heads and what they most like about them.


Our heads stand out much due to their unique patented Active Friction Control™ (AFC) system, which determines how the head handles the stem.

The aim is for the stem to be fed through the head with as little friction as possible.

Minimal friction also means:
- High timber value
- Less wear and fewer interruptions
- Better fuel economy
- No pressure spikes and so minimal hose replacements
- Greater durability and so higher resale value


Our heads are renowned for their reliability,
and there are many reasons for this.

The sources of this high reliability are the head design and our patented AFC system, which provides the foundation on which the head is built.

The AFC system enables short hose routes and straight feed roller angles, resulting in a head that is exposed to minimal wear and is therefore extremely reliable.


Our heads are built to last.
We understand that our customers want to work without interruptions that cost both time and money.

This is why we choose our materials with careful consideration and thorough quality control so as to offer our customers the very best products.

We also gather feedback on our heads from our customers and incorporate these findings in our improvement work.


We want to create the best possible conditions for our customers to work effectively and efficiently. Multi-stemming is part of these efforts. For thinning work, a multi-stemming unit is a must.

Here are some of the advantages of

- Greater efficiency and so higher productivity
- Fewer work steps
- Less damage to standing trees
- Fewer work steps means lower fuel consumption


To optimise the performance of our heads, we recommend that you use our Log Mate 510 control system.

This is a modern control system that is quickly installed and easy to use, regardless of the carrier.


One of the advantages of Log Max heads is that they can be mounted on many different carriers. In some cases, the carrier's existing control system can be used together with our Interface.


Four-point measurement ensures reliable volume calculations and bucking, even with extremely oval trees. Measurements are made using the feed rollers and the lower delimbing knife.


Our field repair kits include the most commonly used spare parts, in case something should break. The field repair kit price is significantly lower than if you bought all the contents separately.

Optimize your head

We want our customers to get the most out of their Log Max heads. And there is always room for improvement. If you are looking for ways to improve your productivity, follow the link below to read more.

What do our customers say?

John Säljgården, operates a Log Max 7000C

- My head is just superb, much due to the feed roller motors. The carrier runs more smoothly, with no interruptions. You get an amazing level of continuity. I replaced just three or four hoses on my previous Log Max head during about 6 or 7,000 hours of operation. That's incredible.

Sean Storey, owns ten Log Max

- Log Max is one of the few suppliers where you can provide feedback on the product and it's taken seriously by the dealer and the manufacturer. Another good thing about Log Max is that it's the only head on the market with any resale value, no matter how many hours you've clocked up. If it's a Log Max, it can be resold.

Gary Möller, operates a Log Max E6

- With its two feed roller motors, a Log Max head requires less oil flow from the carrier than a head powering four feed roller motors. For us, this cuts the carrier's fuel consumption by up to 2 litres an hour. The minimal maintenance is also exceptional. You almost forget that you have a machine that's being used.

Magnus Spjuth, operates a Log Max 4000T

- I often recommend this Log Max head because of its reliability and great measurement accuracy. Plus it's built so that if you should need to replace anything, you can easily access all components without having to dismantle the entire head.

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