The AFC system is the foundation on which our heads are built, and it enables them to harvest trees with great precision and minimal friction. This results in less wear on the head and lower operating costs as the head uses no more power than necessary. The timber quality is improved as neither the delimbing knives nor the feed rollers need use unnecessary force that can otherwise damage the timber during processing.

How does it work?

AFC is comprised of a sensor mounted in the head's upper delimbing knife.

This sensor enables the head to map the appearance and behaviour of the stem as it is fed through the head. The system can then adjust the pressure and force to the type and size of the tree.

The harvester's computer provides the computing power for the AFC system, and all delimbing knife control is regulated with the computer from inside the cab.

In other words, AFC enables the operator to optimise the head's performance

If the operator sitting in the cab selects the tree species being processed, the head knows how best to handle the stem and can keep the stem extremely close to the frame without unnecessary wear and friction.

Here is a video about AFC:



"It's important to ensure that the AFC system is working. It determines how well the head performs."


Here we explain in greater detail the advantages of having a well-functioning AFC system on your Log Max head.


The minimal friction results in less wear on the head, which in turn means fewer repair hours, greater durability and higher resale value.


Since the sensor on the upper delimbing knife continually monitors the position of the stem, it never uses more force than necessary. This means optimal delimbing of the stem without damaging the timber.


Using AFC together with multistemming results in 5–10% greater timber volume because AFC regulates the delimbing. So, instead of removing all the limbs, it snaps them, resulting in considerably more of the tree remaining for firewood.


Because AFC does not build up pressure and start the feed with a pressure spike, the hoses are exposed to minimal wear, significantly increasing their durability. This is also why we can offer a 10,000-hour hose warranty (in Sweden and Finland).

Are you maximising your head's performance?

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