Log Mate 510


This is a modern control system that is quickly installed and easy to use, regardless of the carrier.

Log Mate modules

Log Mate is comprised of several different modules that you package to suit your needs.
The available modules are:

- Value bucking
- Operational monitoring
- Log Mate Navigator
- Optional Tool

Below we present each individual module and the hardware included when you buy
Log Mate 510.


Value bucking

The value bucking service enables you to maximise the value of each stem.

The service requires the necessary infrastructure for using bucking instructions compliant with the StanForD 2010 standard.

Why you should use value bucking:
- Maximises timber value
- Assists the operator

How does it work?

The bucking is based on four different parameters: Length, diameter, quality and value.

Length and diameter are registered by sensors in the harvester head when the stem is processed. Any changes in stem quality are managed by the operator. Logs from the same stem can be divided into different qualities, with each length and diameter combination having a value.

With the colour marking option, work is further simplified by marking certain assortments or, alternatively, marking individual diameter classes within an assortment.


Operational monitoring

This service logs the time spent using the machine for various activities. You can then view and analyse this data in the accompanying graphical user interface. The collected operational data is compiled in printable reports, providing the opportunity to better utilise your machine.

Operational monitoring collects production and uptime data, but can also track, for instance, fuel consumption and the carrier's engine hours.

Advantages for you:

- Optimises your machine's use
- Maximises production
- Minimises downtime
- Visualises machine use
- Collects data for analysis


Visualises the information in
Log Mate

Log Mate Navigator simplifies and facilitates your work by visualising the production data in Log Mate and giving you a practical overview of production, route, plot boundaries and machine position.

All data from Log Mate is presented and updated in real time, and you can choose to present the information in terms of volume, number of stems, number of logs and percentage distribution by tree species.

Different maps and map layers

You can choose different types of online maps, including HERE maps, SMHI's Delta ground moisture map and the Swedish Forest Agency's Pearls of the Forest map, which pinpoints valuable forest environments and cultural remains.

You can also use your own map layers when no internet connection is available. These can also be combined with the online maps to some extent.

Advantages of Log Mate Navigator:

- See and track the machine's position on the map
- Warns when driving outside the plot boundaries
- Export routes to other machines
- Measure distances and areas on the map
- Colour-code routes depending on activity
- Filter production by time interval
- Filter product groups and tree species


Greater flexibility

Maximise the use of your machine and switch between harvester head and grapple, using
Log Mate to control both of them.

One prerequisite for this to work is that the carrier is equipped with valves for the grapple, rotator and heel functions.

You then start Log Mate 510 in a special mode that enables it to control the grapple (grapple function and rotator) and the heel using the buttons connected to the control system.


Your purchase includes the following:

- Head module, LHM
- Cab module, LDM
- PC with Windows 10 and display for cab

They all have standard M12 and Deutsch connectors with communication via a two-channel CAN bus system.
Everything is easy to install.

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Log Mate?

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