Equipping a head with multi-stemming offers many advantages. However, the main reason for choosing multi-stemming is that it increases productivity, providing an economic incentive.

This is because the number of work steps is reduced, which also reduces the amount of crane operation and thereby saves fuel and lessens the operator's workload.

In other words, the end result is calmer and more efficient forestry work.

The use of multi-stemming also reduces any damage to standing trees, as the felling work is completed in fewer steps with less risk of damage to the rest of the stand.

Combining Log Max's patented AFC system with multi-stemming makes for even more productive work. This is because it adds the option of rough delimbing. There is then considerably more raw material remaining for the energy assortment.

"I'm extremely pleased, it's the best on the market. It doesn't get in the way, it's just there."


The unit, which is mounted on top of the felling link, opens wider than the head's maximum opening, which ensures trouble-free
multi-stemming even with crooked trees.

1. The head collars the first tree and both the delimbing knives and the multi-stemming unit are closed around the stem. The tree is then cut.

2. The head is moved to the next tree to be cut, and the delimbing knives are opened while the multi-stemming unit holds the first stem in the closed position.

3. The delimbing knives close around the new stem and the multi-stemming unit opens to hold the new stem next to the first stem. The tree is cut.

4. The operator continues in this way until satisfied. Once all the trees have been cut, they are fed through the head to be delimbed and cut to the right lengths.

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