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Since being founded in 1980, Log Max has been a dependable supplier of harvesting equipment for mechanised forestry.


We design and manufacture modern, high-tech harvester heads for forest machines.

A harvester head can fell, delimb and cut a tree into the desired lengths. The head itself is a tool for mounting on a crane, which in turn is mounted on some type of carrier, such as a conventional wheeled harvester or a tracked excavator.


Our head office is located in Grangärde, Dalarna County, central Sweden, and this is where design, sales and all manufacturing take place. This is also where we have our main warehouse serving all dealers.

Log Max has almost 100 employees who together deliver well-renowned and world-leading products. The company remains in the village where it all started more than 40 years ago, and one of the people who was involved from the very beginning is still with us.


It all began in 1980 when five friends founded Grangärde Maskin. They wanted to be involved in mechanising forestry.

Their hard work and immense commitment laid the foundation for the Log Max of today.

Ever since the start, the company has developed and manufactured equipment for mechanised forestry, with harvester heads being the company's flagship product since 1989.


The company motto is "Simply Smarter", meaning that our work methods and products should be simple but smart.

This is good for many reasons – not least for the quality of our work. We also strive to ensure that our products do not cause their owners any unplanned downtime.

Even though our heads are considered the most reliable on the market, we strive to continuously improve their quality.

Moreover, we have been ISO 9001 certified for almost 30 years, a fact of which we are very proud.


Today, our heads are used on five continents. We have firmly established dealers in almost 35 countries.

And in Brazil we even have a subsidiary,
Log Max do Brasil.

By working continuously on the development of our products in close concert with our customers, we gain a better understanding of what our customers want and need. The aim is always to deliver reliable, high-quality products no matter where in the world they are to be used.


We strive to create sustainable solutions in both the development and manufacture of our products.

Harvester heads from Log Max are renowned for their great reliability. This reduces downtime and the risk of oil spills on forest and agricultural land. We focus a large part of our development efforts on solutions that are sustainable for owners and the environment alike.

We heat our factory with wood pellets, a renewable raw material that is totally in line with our production philosophy. A large share of our suppliers are located near our factory. In 2020, 35 percent of all our purchases came from suppliers within 100 km of our factory.

The Log Max organisation


Log Max harvester heads are designed and engineered by about 20 designers. The design department is split into three sections: mechanical engineering, control systems and communications.

Our mechanical engineers design the frame, saw and hydraulics and continuously refine the heads to make them even better.

The control system section develops and maintains our proprietary Log Mate 510 control system.

Communications creates all manuals, brochures and spare parts catalogues to ensure authoritative and comprehensive information about our products.


This is where all Log Max heads are built. About 30 people work here, fully assembling entire heads from scratch either alone or together with a colleague.

In addition to the mechanical assembly section, we also have sections for electrical assembly and pre-assembly, with the latter preparing certain head components.

We also have a test bench where all heads are fully tested before leaving the factory.

We even crimp all hydraulic hoses for the heads here, with a couple of people working with crimping, measuring and preparing hoses.


The logistics department has three sections: goods, purchasing and quality assurance.

All of them play key roles in our day-to-day operations.

Purchasing ensures the quality of our components while quality assurance ensures compliance with the requirements established for our products and processes.

About fifteen people work in this department.


The product group is comprised of two different departments: technical support and claims.

Within technical support, our service technicians use their technical expertise to assist customers and dealers all over the world.

They are also responsible for training dealers and service providers.

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