Our latest head with top saw

Log Max 7000XT Top Saw has been designed to be extremely durable and withstand the toughest conditions. It is equipped with a top saw and therefore has two saw units, an advantage when working with process work or in deciduous forest.


This head is a part of the XT series and can withstand extremely tough working conditions.


This head has double saw units with new saw valves to offer fast, trouble-free cutting.


The length measurement function is updated to offer the best possible measurement results.


2270 KG

Highest productivity

16 - 50 CM

Between feed rollers

0.7 - 73.2 CM

Max cutting diameter

80 CM

Assets diameter

53 CM


Improved length measurement

To offer the best measurement results, the model of 2022 has got some changes in the length measurement function. We have updated the construction of the measuring wheel cylinder, the hydraulic circuit and reinforced the measuring wheel arm and its attachment.

The measuring wheel unit also includes a bigger measuring wheel.

Altogether, the changes will allow the measuring wheel to follow the contour of the stem even better and provide the best measurement result.

No service

The new sensor for the length measurement is contactless and has no mechanical moving components; this will result in minimal or even non-existing service and maintenance.

The spring-loaded sensor is placed in the arm and retained by a lock ring, and an o-ring prevents it from turning. The magnet is fixed to the cover, and the cable is detachable.

New delimbing knives

We have developed completely new, reinforced and welded delimbing knives to offer the best delimbing knives for the type of work that 7000XT Top Saw is intended for. The edge has increased in thickness and is completely replaceable to extend the life of the delimbing knives.

The tip of the delimbing knife is also changed, which makes the delimbing knives work more like tweezers, and it becomes even easier to pick trunks from a pile of wood.

Stronger hydraulic cylinder

The delimbing knife cylinder has been updated. The new hydraulic cylinder has stronger attachments against the frame and delimbing knife. The update results in better durability and an extended life span of the hydraulic cylinder.

Reinforced attachment of Safety Pin

The frame part for the safety pin has been redesigned and reinforced. The old "ears" got crooked from the blows from branches and have now been strengthened and integrated into the frame. These changes will increase durability.

Replacable wear plates

Our wear plates are made of the world's foremost wear steel, Hardox, which is produced by SSAB. To protect the parts of the heads that are exposed to high wear, extra wear plates are put on. Hardox, is hard straight through, from the surface down to the core, giving the heads a longer life.

New tapered roller bearings

The measuring wheel assembly has been equipped with new tapered roller bearings that are more stable, stronger, and improve durability.

Laser Find End sensor

This is an option used primarily when processing to find the root end or the zero point on the stem. The Find End consists of a laser beam that is mounted on the rear edge of the saw box. It helps the head to identify the root end without using the saw.

This function is extra important especially when working with felled logs and saves both time and fuel as you do not have to do a cut.


Active Friction Control - AFC

The AFC system is our head’s key technology and allows our heads to harvest trees with high precision and minimal friction.

The goal of the AFC is to minimize the friction between the trunk and the frame, which leads to minimal wear on the unit and lower operating costs because the head doesn't use more power than necessary.

The wood quality will also be high, as neither knives nor feed wheels need to use unnecessary force that damages the wood during processing.

Log Mate 510

Log Mate 510 is our control system specially developed for Log Max harvester heads and is the absolute best control system for our products.

The control system is robust and compact, and of the highest quality.

It is Windows-based, which simplifies the administration and updating of the system and provides good support for all new programs and services. The system uses the latest forest standard StanForD 2010 v2 and v3 and consists of three modules, screen, cabin, and head module.


The hydraulics of our heads are characterized by a simple design. We use a proven technology that we trust and that results in reliable hose management and stable pressures throughout.

Our system has small hydraulic losses, which means that we get the most out of the head's performance.


Feed rollers for Log Max 7000XT Top Saw


Self-cleaning feed wheels with high traction, both forwards and backwards, without risk of slip damage. The Soft Grip has a slightly lower stud (ca 5 mm) which gives less penetration into the trunk.


Self-cleaning feed wheels with high traction, both forwards and backwards, without the risk of spinning. The Hard Grip has a slightly higher stud (ca 10 mm) that provides a better grip around the trunk.


Log Max Eucalyptus feed roller is different from our other feed rollers. They are specially designed to debark the thick bark of eucalyptus trees.

Saw units for Log Max 7000XT Top Saw

Saw 611

Tensioner: Manual

Saw Motor: 60 cc / 3.66 cu in

Saw Chain: 3/4"

Saw 318 - 30cc

The saw 318 auto-releases the chain tensioner's pressure when you turn off the base machine, so you do not need any tools to change the chain.

Tensioner: Automatic

Saw Motor: 30 cc / 1.83 cu in

Saw Chain: 0.404"

Feed roller motors for Log Max 7000XT Top Saw

Variabel 830-1320 cc

Feed force: 45 kN

Feed speed: 5.2 m/s / 17.06 ft/s

1259 cc

Feed force: 42.1 kN

Feed speed: 4.2 m/s / 13.78 ft/s

Rotators for Log Max 7000XT Top Saw

Rotobec RT252

Rotobec dangle style rotations hang from the machine by a yoke (hanger) and are available in a wide variety of sizes. Rotobec is committed to delivering the most reliable rotations on the market, no matter where in the world you are.

Extra equipment available for Log Max 7000XT Top Saw

Processing knives

The processor knives have protruding tips that ease the prehension of logs from a pile of already felled trees. The processor knives are available in two designs, a welded and a cast one. They are equally durable but the welded one has replaceable knives edges, it also weighs slightly more.

Field repair kit

A spare parts kit with the most vital components to minimize downtime. Contains sensors, cylinders etc. The kit varies (content and price) depending on the head model and equipment.

Please contact us for more information.

Hose Kit

Kit with replacement hose.

Ask your local dealer for more information.

Color marking

Includes tanks and equipment for two different colors. Color marking blocks are mounted in the saw box.

Find End sensor - laser

Used to easily find the root end / zero point of a log. The Find End sensor consists of a laser that is mounted in the saw box. This allows to easily
zero-reset without having to use the saw. This function optimizes and facilitates work when processing from the pile.

Rotator control

To reduce weight and cost, it is possible to choose the rotator control option, which means that the rotator is controlled from the head instead of from the carrier.

The advantages are that it frees weight on the carrier by eliminating between 20-30 m of hose and also reduces costs. If the option is chosen, an extra valve is mounted to the head.


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