A dedicated eucalyptus head

Log Max E6 has been developed to meet the requirements placed on heads that will harvest eucalyptus within the diameter 4-26cm.


E6 has specially developed feed rollers to remove the thick bark from the stems during processing optimally.


This head has five delimbing knives for optimal stem holding and easier barking of the stems.


It comes with a reinforced felling link and extra protective equipment to cope with the harsh conditions it works in.


1623 KG

Highest productivity

4 - 26 CM

Between feed rollers

2.3 - 56 CM

Max cutting diameter

65 CM

Assets diameter

25 CM

What do customers say?

Lauro José Tonin - Brasil

- Log Max E6 delivers a high and optimized barking function, even in more difficult conditions and in older stocks of Eucalyptus.

Gary Möller - South Africa

- With its two feed motors, it demands less oil flow from the carrier, making the carrier up to 2L per hour lighter than a machine with four feed motors. The low maintenance is exceptional, and you almost forget you have a machine in the field... 8000hrs on our 1st E6 and have only started to shim up knife arms. Another huge plus is the service support and backup from Afrequip; those guys are tops!!


Five delimbing knives

The units have an extra delimbing knife, five in total, to bark the eucalyptus optimally. The bark of eucalyptus is very tough and special to work with. The tree must be barked simultaneously as its harvested, and the five delimbing knives create better conditions for removing all bark.

Harvest trees between 4-26 cm

The head is delivered with delimbing knives that are specially adapted with a profile for working in eucalyptus plantations with trees that have a diameter between 4-26cm.

Angled feed roller arms

The head is equipped with feed roller arms whose angle varies depending on the size of the tree. The feed roller arms angle helps lift the tree towards the frame, which makes the barking even better.
Due to the changed angle, the head can use maximum force at the barking moment, which is needed when working with eucalyptus.

Debarking wheel in the frame

Where the length measuring wheel is mounted on other types of Log Max heads, the E6 has a wide debarking wheel.

Replaceable welded knife edges

All movable delimbing knives at the head have replaceable knives edges as the wear is high during the debarking work. The welded ones give the head longer durability and better function throughout its life.

Thicker wear plates

All wear plates on the head are thicker than on other Log Max heads because we want to give the head a longer service life and withstand more wear.

A heavy-duty head

Log Max E6 has a welded felling link, thicker wear plates and is equipped with Heavy-duty protection kit from the start. All this to give the head a longer service life and for it to withstand hard wear.


Log Mate 510

Log Mate 510 is our control system which is specially developed for Log Max harvester heads and is the absolute best control system for our products.

The control system is robust and compact and of the highest quality.

It is Windows-based, which simplifies the administration and updating of the system and provides good support for all new programs and services. The system uses the latest forest standard StanForD 2010 v2 and v3 and consists of three modules, screen, cabin, and head module.


The hydraulics of our heads are characterized by a simple design. We use a proven technology that we trust and that results in reliable hose management and stable pressures throughout.

Our system has small hydraulic losses, which means that we get the most out of the head's performance.


Feed rollers for Log Max E6


Log Max Eucalyptus feed roller is different from our other feed rollers. They are specially designed to debark the thick bark of eucalyptus trees.

Saw units for Log Max E6

Saw 98XL

Tensioner: Manual

Saw Motor: 19 cc / 1.16 cu in

Saw Chain: 0.404"

SuperCut - 19cc

Tensioner: Automatic

Saw Motor: 19 cc / 1.16 cu in

Saw Chain: 0.404"

Feed roller motors for Log Max E6

627 cc

Feed force: 22.3 kN

Feed speed: 5.9 m/s / 19.36 ft/s

Rotators for Log Max E6

Indexator AV17S

The rotator has low weight and high performance. This is the perfect rotator for heavy lifting and hard work.

- 160 kN lifting capacity
- Robust and construction
- High torque

Indexator H182

Durable, powerful, and with the highest performance.

- 160 kN lifting capacity
- Optimized productivity and efficiency when combined with MPB swing dampers
- High torque and precise

Additional equipment for Log Max E6

Field repair kit

A spare parts kit with the most vital components to minimize downtime. Contains sensors, cylinders etc. The kit varies (content and price) depending on the head model and equipment.

Please contact us for more information.

Hose Kit

Kit with replacement hose.

Ask your local dealer for more information.

Rotator control

To reduce weight and cost, it is possible to choose the rotator control option, which means that the rotator is controlled from the head instead of from the carrier.

The advantages are that it frees weight on the carrier by eliminating between 20-30 m of hose and also reduces costs. If the option is chosen, an extra valve is mounted to the head.


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