A Versatile harvesting head

New Log Max 5000V is a versatile Harvesting Head, and is suitable for a wide selection of carriers and for many types of felling. This is a head for those who want the ultimate balance between flexibility, capacity and durability.

Fast feeding

New hose couplings and new feed roller motors have given the unit faster feeding.

Cut bigger trees

The geometry of the saw box has an optimized position and is adapted for 82 cm bars.

Precise measuring

Updated length measurement function to offer the best possible measurement results.


950 KG

Highest productivity

12 - 38 CM

Between feed rollers

1.2 - 53 CM

Max cutting diameter

74 CM

Assets diameter

39.8 CM

What do customers say?

Erik Wiik- Sweden

- The best thing about the new 5000V is the feed speed, the good result of the new measuring unit and the new hose routing for the multi-stemming unit. You feel it is a brand-new harvesting head with a high production capacity. The speed is like a new dimension. I also think that the geometry of the saw box is excellent and has increased production considerably.


New Saw 318 MK2

The new saw unit 318 MK2 will make your work easier. With careful material choices and new design ideas, the need for maintenance will be minimised, and durability will increase.

The changes make it easy to change the bar, maintain the saw unit easily, and increase the durability to its maximum.


Log Max 5000V measurement unit has got mechanical, electronic and hydraulic updates.

- The construction of the measuring wheel cylinder is updated.
- The hydraulic circuit is new.
- The measuring wheel arm and its attachment are reinforced.
- New contactless encoder in the measuring wheel.
- Two conical roller bearings that are lubricated from the outside.

Altogether, the changes will allow the measuring wheel to follow the contour of the stem even better and provide the best measurement result.


The contour of the saw box is changed, and the position of the saw unit has been optimized to handle trees with larger root bones and thus increase production significantly. The saw box also has a root bone plate to protect the chain and bar.

The saw box has also been extended and is now adapted for saw bars of 82 cm. The new Log Max 5000V easily handles large trees, both when felling and processing. The maximum cutting diameter is 74 cm.

Fast feeding

Log Max 5000V has new feed roller motors with hoses without banjo fittings. The new engines are of a high-flow model with increased efficiency, generating better performance for the harvesting head.

The changes provide a better and higher flow, which reduces heat development and thus reduces energy losses. It also increases the unit's feed speed.

The feed wheel arms have also received an updated design to be able to process both coarse and thin logs better.


The hoses for the multi-stemming unit and the rotator control are on the left side of the felling link at Log Max 5000V. The updates make the hoses run inside the protective bar, less exposed and will make them last longer.

The attachment for the hoses for stump treatment and grease lubrication also has a new design, which means that the hoses are exposed to minimal wear and have increased durability.

New Safety pin

To simplify service, facilitate transport and increase safety, a "Safety Pin" has replaced the safety chain, which forms a locking mechanism between the frame and the felling link. You can now link a bracket under the rotator to a stand in the frame with the help of a locking pin.


To increase durability and productivity, the frame construction of Log Max 5000V has received several updates.

Here are some of the changes:
- The mechanical stops for the feed roller arms in the closed position are reinforced on the inside.
- The lower delimbing knife has received a mechanical stop integrated to the frame.
- The surface of the bottom plate has been reduced by approx. 15% to reduce snow packing.
- The main cover is reinforced to prevent it from being pushed in during snow packing.

Lubrication points

In order for all lubrication to be done when the head is in the tilted position, the head has accessible lubrication points. The lubrication points are brought forward on the saw box so that they are easy to get at. It increases safety, facilitates maintenance work, and shortens downtime.

Reinforced around measuring wheel

To improve the frame’s durability and life span, we have changed the design of the measuring wheel hole. We also reinforced the stoppers for the roller arms, when in the closed position, at the inside of the frame to increase the frame’s strength and stability.

Reinforced frame

To increase durability and reduce the risk of cracks in the frame, we have created a reinforced attachment for the upper delimbing knife. The frame is reinforced at the mainline, where the upper delimbing knife slides on the frame to increase durability and extend its life span.

Replaceable pins for felling link cylinder

The pins for attaching the felling link cylinder in the frame are screwed at both ends. The refinement will simplify service and maintenance.


Four-point measurement MK2

Log Max four-point measurement MK2 has new components and functions to work optimally under harsh conditions. The aim is to ensure a long service life and good functionality.

New updates:
- Non-contact encoder to increasing its lifespan and simplifying service and maintenance.
- The lower delimbing knife has received a new "Active Lower Knife" valve to give the unit increased lifting power. Active Lower Knife enables the harvesting head to hold the stem without the knife being too strong or weak.
- New nut for the axis to increase its durability.
- New cable routing to reduce the risk of snow and ice packing.


Log Max 5000V multi-stemming unit has received a new design that generates reduced weight, increased service life and simplified service.

- More robust design to withstand more wear.
- More protected hoses, the change will make the hoses run inside the protective bar, be exposed to less wear, and last longer.
- Both cylinders are now located beneath the unit, which will reduce the risk of snow and dirt packing. The new cylinders are also of standard design (4000T delimbing knife).
- The plate between the harvesting head and the multi-stemming unit has a new design that will reduced weight and make the unit more flexible.


The hydraulics of our heads are characterized by a simple design. We use a proven technology that we trust and that results in a reliable hose management and stable pressures throughout.

Our system has small hydraulic losses, which means that we get the most out of the head's performance.

Feed rollers

To optimize the head's function, you need to choose the feed rollers that fit both your head, but also the type of forest that you work in the most. Our feed rollers always work perpendicular to the tree, in contrast to many other heads that have angled feed rollers. Having a straight feed roller leads above all to reduced friction losses but also to minimal penetration into the trunk.

Active Friction Control

The AFC system is our head´s key technology and allows our heads to harvest trees with high precision and minimal friction.

The goal of the AFC is to minimize the friction between the trunk and the frame, which leads to minimal wear on the unit and lower operating costs because the head doesn't use more power than necessary.

Log Mate 510

Log Mate 510 is a modern control system that is quick to install and easy to use, regardless of the carrier. You get a simple control system that ensures you get your harvester head's full potential.

The control system is robust and compact and of the highest quality. It is Windows-based, which simplifies the administration and updates.


Feed rollers for Log Max 5000V


Self-cleaning feed wheels with high traction, both forwards and backwards, without risk of slip damage. The Soft Grip has a slightly lower stud (ca 5 mm) which gives less penetration into the trunk.


Self-cleaning feed wheels with high traction, both forwards and backwards, without the risk of spinning. The Hard Grip has a slightly higher stud (ca 10 mm) that provides a better grip around the trunk.


Log Max Eucalyptus feed roller is different from our other feed rollers. They are specially designed to debark the thick bark of eucalyptus trees.

Saw units for Log Max 5000V

Which saw fits you best?

Log Max 5000V comes with a Saw 318 with a 30 cc motor as standard. With the new tension block and the new design of the saw box, you got a powerful and reliable saw unit that cuts trees up to 74 cm.

You can also choose the True-Cut 19 cc saw motor with a built-in valve that senses the motor's speed and adjusts the bar feed speed to maintain a constant chain speed of 40m/s throughout the cutting, regardless of tree species or diameter. This is a good choice if you harvest hardwood and want a smooth and clean run of the saw regardless of what tree type you cut.

True-Cut 318 - 19cc

The True-cut saw units have a built-in saw valve that detects the motor speed and adjusts the saw bar feed rate according to the speed. This function allows True-cut to maintain a constant chain speed of 40 m/s throughout the cutting, regardless of the tree size or species.

Tensioner: Automatic

Saw Motor: 19 cc / 1.16 cu in

Saw Chain: 0.404"

Saw 318 - 30cc

The saw 318 auto-releases the chain tensioner's pressure when you turn off the base machine, so you do not need any tools to change the chain.

Tensioner: Automatic

Saw Motor: 30 cc / 1.83 cu in

Saw Chain: 0.404"

Feed roller motors for Log Max 5000V

Poclain 560 cc

Feed force: 23.4 kN

Feed speed: 5.0 m/s / 16.40 ft/s

Poclain 625 cc

Feed force: 25.9 kN

Feed speed: 4.5 m/s / 14.76 ft/s

Rotators for Log Max 5000V

Indexator AV12S

The rotator has low weight and high performance. Specially built for professional forestry. Superior reliability at the most stressful efforts.

- 100 kN lifting capacity
- Robust and durable

Indexator H152

Durable, powerful and with the highest performance.
For harvesters in second thinning and final felling.

- 100 kN lifting capacity
- Suitable for MPB dual swing dampers
- Powerful upper interface for long life


Cylinder rod protection

Protects the feed roller arm cylinders on the unit. The protection is standard on all XT units, although we do recommend it for all units, especially when thinning where the head is more exposed to hits as the forest is often denser or working with hardwood.

Field repair kit

A spare parts kit with the most vital components to minimize downtime. Contains sensors, cylinders etc. The kit varies (content and price) depending on the head model and equipment.

Please contact us for more information.

Protective bar

The protection is mounted on the felling link to protect the crane hoses, multi-stemming hoses, and color marking tanks. Available in two versions for units with or without color marking.

Fixed bottom plate

Used instead of the damped bottom plate. An advantage when minimal stump height is needed.

Dust & Snow cover

This rubber cover is mounted between the felling link and the rear of the frame. This prevents snow and debris from packing that could damage the protective cover.

Sawdust deflector

To minimize sawdust clouds when processing a log and also the risk of chain shots, a sawdust deflector is mounted on the saw box.

Hose Kit

Kit with replacement hose.

Ask your local dealer for more information.

Color marking

Includes tanks and equipment for two different colors. Color marking blocks are mounted in the saw box.

Find End sensor - laser

Used to easily find the root end / zero point of a log. The Find End sensor consists of a laser that is mounted in the saw box. This allows to easily
zero-reset without having to use the saw. This function optimizes and facilitates work when processing from the pile.

Stump treatment

Prepares the head for stump treatment. Requires a separate pump on the carrier.

Rotator control

To reduce weight and cost, it is possible to choose the rotator control option, which means that the rotator is controlled from the head instead of from the carrier.

The advantages are that it frees weight on the carrier by eliminating between 20-30 m of hose and also reduces costs. If the option is chosen, an extra valve is mounted to the head.

Grease Lubrication

Prepares the unit for grease-based chain lubrication, an alternative to Easy Greasy. Requires a separate pump on the carrier.


The accumulation kit is a good choice for you that wants to harvest several trees in every felling and thus streamline the work.


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